Shawn grew up on a tree farm and nursery but did not begin his woodworking adventure until his early 20's when he attempted to woo his then girlfriend by making her a coffee table and TV stand.  Thankfully, it worked and they have been married for 20+ years.  Since then, Shawn's projects included jewelry boxes, memory boxes and other flat work that have been made for gifts for her and others. 
After discovering the lathe in 2006, most of his works became 'round and brown' as woodturning emerged into a strong passion.  Wooden bowls, platters and other one of a kind gifts have been a thrill to make.  Seeing these works in other people's hands, knowing that they will become cherished gifts brings Shawn much satisfaction.  He stands by this with a lifetime guarantee on all his products. 
In the Summer of 2019, Shawn become exposed to the author, Barn the Spoon, who's book, "Spoon" become the spark that ignited Shawn's passion for spoon making.  The learning curve has been exciting to say the least.  After many unsuccessful spoons, a style unique to Shawn's skill set emerged and he is excited to share these new projects with you. 
All works are finished with food safe finish and with care, are meant to become cherished heirloom gifts. Today, Shawn lives in the small town of Uxbridge with his wife and three children.  His work is available at this and represented at the Preston Gallery in town.   
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To ensure lifelong enjoyment of your all natural hand carved bowl or spoon, make every effort to periodically reapply food safe oil and practice safe washing such as using warm soapy water and towel dry. Wood products are not suitable for the dishwasher.
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